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The L’CHAIM Pendant

The L’CHAIM Pendant

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This is an ART Project between L'CHAIM Brand, and PRSVR.

Celebrate life with the new L'CHAIM jewelry collection

We are excited to announce the launch of our collaboration with L'CHAIM, a luxury jewelry brand dedicated to creating beautiful and meaningful pieces. The initial collection includes two stunning versions of the L'CHAIM pendant, a timeless symbol of joy, sacrifice, and celebration.

The pendants are made from high-quality materials, including 14k gold and diamonds. They are designed to be both elegant and understated, so you can wear them for any occasion. 

Each pendant is accompanied by a Diamond Cut Necklace. The Necklace is .925 Silver, washed in Gold (or Rose Gold) which won't fade, or irritate the skin. Choose your length below. 

**Solid Gold options are available as an upgrade.

We have created this collaboration as an homage to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This depiction is not meant to serve as an idol or symbol of worship but more so is done in reverence and as a reminder of the sacrifice we celebrate everyday. Enjoy the ART!

Micro: 1.2" tall (on preorder)

Mini: 1.75" tall (currently available)

Macro: 2.25" tall (special order ONLY) 

--Mold Licenses Available to registered jewelers* 

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