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Persevere LA

Elevation Mentorship Program

Elevation Mentorship Program

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Monthly Focus

These Mentorship Packages can be used for the following goals:

  • Creative Guidance: Brandon & Margaret will offer creative guidance and feedback on your work. This could include helping you create a wardrobe that reflects your own unique style, refine your product and design ideas, or even troubleshoot any challenges you are facing. 
  • Industry Knowledge/Networking: Share in Brandon and Margaret’s knowledge of and network in the fashion and music industries. This could include providing insights into the latest trends and how to apply them to your business, connecting you to network of industry professionals, and/or giving advice on how to build a successful career path for your passion.
  • Business Skills: You will be given access to the courses and education needed to profitability and legally build a generational business. This could include helping to develop a business plan, create a go-to-market plan , Key Notes/Panels, and/or creating your vision map laying out how to bring your idea to a tangible reality. 
  • Personal Support: Brandon and Margaret will provide one on one, partner, or group support and encouragement. This could include helping you stay motivated, addressing personal or relationship challenges that are affecting your work/life balance, and pushing you to achieve your goals through a combination of written, voice, and video interaction. 

The best benefits come from the multi-faceted interaction, and by taking advantage of the ability to stack focus areas to create a customized and fast tracked path to completion.

You should be prepared to work hard and be open to feedback. Be sure to ask questions and learn from our will save you time and money, and teach you how to persevere. 

We will connect via WhatsApp, Zoom, SMS, Email, and Voice Notes and Calls.

What you get? 

  • Daily Prompts for deeper thinking, reflection, and perspective shifts
  • Weekly video Check in Call with Brandon and/or Margaret to apply the learnings from the daily prompts
  • Weekly case study or exercise to help you become the fisherman this time. 
  • Membership into the PRSVR Network of Fashion and Production
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