Full Sensory Coaching Classes

elevations cannabis infused coaching


It's time to ELEVATE by taking hold of your three strongest weapons: your mind, your mouth, and your movements. Coaches Brandon and Margaret know that through subtle shifts in your perspective, everything can change. Their goal is to restore your factory settings and put in place new internal scripts that help you persevere.

Their unique coaching protocol includes chanting, breathwork, moderate physical exercise, sound and light therapy, and the optional use of mood altering substances including cannabis.

Class begins once you've chosen your minds’ approach to the evening’s session. Brandon and Margaret will conduct their methods of motivation live, while directing your mind to hone in on its most central goals. Participants will leave with assets from the coaching session, and (hopefully) a new sense of purpose for the year.

Attendees must be over 21 with valid id to partake in the full sensory experience. All guests are encouraged to wear comfortable clothes and bring a water bottle and yoga mat or small blanket for seated work.

Classes take place at In Heroes We Trust - a new art-centered boutique in the heart of West Hollywood. Sitting right next door to Catch, this eye catching space is home to dozens of designers and artists curated by industry veteran Neely Shearer.