The Family Behind PRSVR

The Family Behind PRSVR

PRSVR; The Designer Brand is owned and operated by the Williamson Family. Learn more about who they are in this in depth cover story.


"Margaret and Brandon met while Brandon was on tour for his mobile application, 'Sole Search' in 2011. The tour stopped in Indianapolis, Margaret's hometown, and where she had her own radio show called 'Nite Lite with Margaret'. After learning about his app and finding the concept interesting, the two met, and the rest is history. Six months after their initial meeting, they were married, and six months after that, the couple started their fashion line, Persevere (PRSVR) Clothing. Another six months after that, Margaret was pregnant with her and Brandon’s first child, B2!

With a Roving Retail strategy, the brand strategically aligned with major events to operate in person pop-up shops all over the world that allowed clients to meet Brandon and Margaret, try on the designs, and purchase one of a kind pieces. In addition to the pop-ups, PRSVR operates flagship showrooms, and is fully shoppable online. Today, they operate the brand from Los Angeles, CA with their growing family.

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